Working Group 1

Chair: Australia

UN integration and coordination on the implementation of UN sanctions

Working Group 1 will address opportunities to improve sanctions integration and coordination among the UN entities supporting the Council’s sanctions function, including sanctions committees, expert groups, the Ombudsperson and the Secretariat. It will also explore the mutually reinforcing link between sanctions and other security-enhancing instruments of the Council, such as peacekeeping and special political missions, security sector reform and disarmament, demobilisation and reintegration, and how they can support the Council to implement and monitor sanctions, as well as Member States to implement and enforce sanctions.

Working Group 2

Chair: Sweden

UN sanctions and external institutions and instruments

Working Group 2 will address the intersections between UN sanctions and other international instruments and institutions dealing with international security, such as international arms control and disarmament mechanisms, international financial and economic regulatory systems, and international criminal justice institutions. It will explore how to develop modalities for information sharing with, and effective cooperation between, these organisations and instruments and the Council to assist in sanctions implementation, as well as opportunities for capacity building and technical assistance on sanctions implementation for Member States.

Working Group 3

Chair: Greece

UN sanctions, regional organizations, and emerging challenges

Working Group 3 will identify opportunities to optimize UN sanctions as an effective tool in response to serious and systematic violations of human rights and international humanitarian law, enhance coordination with regional sanctions, and explore new applications to address evolving threats to international peace and security. It will explore best practices for regional and national sanctions implementation and enforcement, and capacity building requirements.